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This project won seed funding from the NYC Media Lab Combine Program

Creation + Development + Design: Hang Do Thi Duc

Research + Product + Strategy: Regina Flores Mir


Project Description

Data Selfie is a tool to get insights into your online data profile, predictions about your personality, and the use of your data. Using the tool you can track yourself and see your data, which is not limited to posting and liking, but also what you look at, read and more. It allows users to learn what Facebook and other online companies (and government agencies!) might know about you.

Data Selfie aims to provide an innovative perspective on data mining, artificial intelligence and your online data identity in a form of a Chrome browser extension and a mobile app that tracks yourself while you interact with content on Facebook (and other social media platforms) – what you type, what you look at and more – and predicts your personality based on that data.

In the information age data dictates the economy. One can either hope that big data will solve all problems of humanity or fear a Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report like future lying ahead of us. Data Selfie is born out of the belief that both is possible. One thing is for sure data is defining our lives more and more. Therefore, it is important for especially those who are not hopeful nor fearful, who are indifferent to this topic, to be aware of the power and influence of data of ourselves on ourselves.