Management Consulting

At the Cue Group, in addition to our innovative projects like Mapping Youth Culture, we also take on traditional management consulting projects. We are typically contracted by businesses to work on, for example, management change, business plan development, and strategic planning.

The goal of this particular project was to restructure a business line within our client's organization. The slide below is an excerpt from a 100 page business plan document that we developed after three months of on-the-ground research, interviews with key stake-holders, document reviews and workshops with our client's management teams. 

This slide is particularly interesting because our client was an engineering by training, so I devised a way to communicate with him in "engineering speak." I used a schematic diagram rather than using words to describe process. 

Note: I am unable to attach the final report in order to protect the intellectual property of our client. Client name has been blacked out for privacy concerns.