Data Analysis

Data Viz Assignment 2: Exploring CMS data. The dataset contained over 3,800 records. To clean the data I aggregated the 'Interest Value' and 'Dollar Amount Invested' columns by 'Recipient State'. One record was discarded because no State was provided (seemed to be a non US recipient). Once the data was aggregated there were 49 records (note: no HI, no AL and includes DC). I then broke the states into 3 buckets based on total Interest earned. I arbitrarily chose the bucket size to be: 1) greater than $10M, 2) between $10M - $1M, and 3) less than $1M. 

I choose to map this data on US map rather than in a bar chart because I thought it was easier to see the distribution on interest earned in this visual context.

Next step: I would like to add a mouse-over that would show the dollar amount by state.