Prototype I: Playing with Scale

Inspirational images of large scale installations:

I started out playing with paper folding techniques as a means of making small scale prototypes of interesting shapes that could later be translated to large scale models. Having played with complex geometrical shapes using origami for a previous project, I understand how the tactile experience of paper folding helps the brain better comprehend the intricate mathematics and dimensionality that is encompassed in these complex forms.  

I then experimented with wood as an alternative medium to juxtapose with paper. I used the laser cutter to cut small "torus like" pieces. I played with shape and form. First I started out with free form stacking allowing any shape to emerge. I then tried making more rigid shapes in specific patterns. 

Key questions/learnings from Prototype I:

  1. What materials/bio fabrication techniques can I use to demonstrate fractal patterns in nature? How can I best demonstrate that the micro scale is a mirror of the macro scale? 
  2. How can materials help aesthetically tell the story? (See Silk Pavilion) 
  3. What geometrical shapes best represent and help conceptualize the theme of the micro/macro duality I am trying to explore?
  4. What global issue/problem can an architectural art piece address? How can this work be more than just an art project and help raise awareness of the problems we will face in the age of the anthropocene? (See Bio Map of 11 Billion)
  5. In what way can an architectural scale installation (compared to a small diorama on a table) help dictate a narrative about the micro/macro scale and the general concept you are exploring? (Think about the scale ramp of the solar system at natural history museum or Matsys' FLUX).  
  6. Is there a way of incorporating sensors and movement into the architectural scale such that (like paper foldings) the piece moves/undulates based on a visitor's movement under and in the piece? (See Hexshell) And what purpose would this serve? How would this movement help to narrate the concept?