Prototype III: Aesthetics

For the third prototype we are asked to investigate the aesthetics (material, form, color, texture) or methodological (process) aspects of the work.

Current Working Concept Statement:

I am studying digital and biological fabrication because I want to find out how to build a sculpture at the architectural scale using alternative materials and computational and mathematical modeling methods in order to broaden the social conception of the built environment in the age of the anthropocene. 


I wanted to explore the process of digital fabrication further. In my second prototype I experimented with the MakerBot using simple forms. For the third prototype I used the 3D Powder Printer (Projet660). I explored more complex shapes in Rhino and looked at algorithmically generating forms. 

Reference for 3D models.

Experimenting in Digital Fabrication and 3D Printing:



  1. What is the formal basis of your project? (Note: formal here means of or pertaining to the form, what something looks like, feels like, its aesthetics.)

  2. How are you dealing with materials, color, form, shape, composition, aesthetics?

  3. What would you like your piece to “feel” like (whatever you define “feel” to be here).

  4. What aesthetic precedents have informed your project?

  5. How do the aesthetics underscore the overall concept of the work?


  1. How will you go about making your project?

  2. What methodologies or processes will you employ?

  3. How will you collect & manipulate data and media? Source or modify materials?

  4. How does the way in which the project is created or executed underscore its concept?