We will begin to question the limitations of what it means to be human. What technological shifts might facilitate a new kind of human. 


Control of resources and what happens when humans have control of those resources. Lessons of Darkness shows the force that all the oil has - the oil has the capability of mobilizing military forces for example, it has potential energy in the world. Syriana shows the back-room legal deals, spies, etc. These kind of situations are left out of 2312. What does it mean for humans to be strained by resource availability?

In 2312 we understand that a political territory has been established in space. There are resource wars around water and ice which is brought back to venus to supply water. A 200 year project to bring resources. This is the politics of materiality that Lessons of Darkness and Syriana bring us. 

The geo-politics of oil: where did oil come from? Is it a residue of a previous era of life? Is it not just an intermediary between us and the sun? Energy that can be transformed from one thing into another. 

Case study: The state of Florida and the rising sea tides. 

The micro-cultures that are connected to a network and putting pressure on the network, and visa-versa. 


"Servile Will" - the people stuck on Earth vs. the people who have gotten off Earth

"Pseudo Iterative"

"The Long Walk" - "vision quest" - "sun walker" 

The Sun - the sun is alive.

"Structures of Affect"

"Materiality of Time"