Scale Shifts

lateral incursions from the technoscape and the mediascape can shape the bioscape...


  1. Machinery of Life
  2. Code 46
  3. Donna Haraway, Digital Avatar
  4. Ghost in The Shell Innocence
  5. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map (more Buckmister Fuller on artsy)
  6. Sadie Plant
  7. Mckensie Wark


  • Shadow Biospheres
  • Holobiont:

"Animals and plants are no longer heralded as autonomous entities but rather as biomolecular networks composed of the host plus its associated microbes, i.e., "holobionts." As such, their collective genomes forge a "hologenome," and models of animal and plant biology that do not account for these intergenomic associations are incomplete." (Source)