Technoscape to Escape Velocity


Really what is at stake: We have talked about the limits of the human, the temporality of the planet... will we succeed in getting off planet? Is our technology advanced enough to get off planet? In the context of reframing our planetary geopolitics - what kind of human politics and relationships will be possible when we are off planet?


  1. One of the key crisis: saving the planets ecosystems. Can we use off-planetary asteroids as conservation spaces?
  2. The technoscape - quebe AI 

How can we map out the near future technoscape realities? What kind of human ideas of politics will emerge?

Accelerando - does not really get much off planet, but they get into ideas about getting off planet straight away. This is a bridge to understanding what might be a gateway to getting off planet. 

If we look at 2312, what is the technological platform they are dealing with? A solar system network of AI's - they have not hit a singularity yet. Humans (they are gender fluid, etc) but they still live in a way that is pretty familiar to us today. If you take the event that happens at the end of Rainbow's End (library protest, riot) - AI, emerging forms of economy - you get a completely different set of relationships. 

There is a riot taking place - 2 belief systems at odds - massive multi player online game held in an augmented reality. Biological weapon being fabricated. AI is orchestrating the riots. The biological weapon will make all humans programable to media content - brainwash the humans. Military personnel are analyzing intelligence across the network. 

Rainbows End and Accelerando look at the place we as designers would work: game platforms, AI design - designer oriented scenario. As designers, what is the design intervention we can make?


  • companion species depending on each other to communicate in a network
  • living creature networks exhibit a similar feature set - will you always get computational networks when you look at nature?

Primordial soup or Alien AI

Will complex enough systems develop meta intelligence?

Slime mold - intelligence - computational path optimization.