Thoughts for Thesis Writing...

General thesis writing architecture:

30 pages

The paper has to explain: what is it, why are you doing it, who is it for, and how does it work. (an expanded version of the abstract). Kinds of writing that can go in the paper:

  1. Process of thinking is something you should keep a record of. Record and documentation of the project.
  2. Recording of a conversation with your friend / explanations to your grandmother
  3. Description in the 3rd person of a person who goes through your project — to change the perspective
  4. Research
  5. A show at the Met, MoMA, etc… write a description and how it relates to what you’re doing. 
  6. Precedents 
  7. How ideas developed and how they changed from last semester.
  8. Crisis - write out the obstacles that are facing you and think your way around them 
  9. The backdrop of what you’re doing is the reality we are living in today - how is your project relevant to this world…. why are you doing this?

The paper is a form of experiment and support - this paper can include anything — anything that was included in you working out your project. 

For my thesis:

  • history of the problem
  • Writing a paragraph on the juxtaposition between Sky Survey’s and Metagenomic Surveys…. 
  • Twin study - NASA - Mason Lab


Follow the ideas where they take you…. 



There is the (1) thesis project and (2) a larger direction that involves the design of the city, health, the living environment.

  • Disfigurement of human life by industrialization and modern life. 
  • Homeostatic systems -- that which exits in balance 


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