What's The Female Body For?

A collaboration with my classmates Kristin Slater and Marcos Berenhauser. I produced the visuals for the live performance using OpenFrameworks.

Video editing: Marcos Berenhauser

Performer/Dancer: Kristin Slater

Screenshot of my point of view during the performance. I manually control the visuals live using OpenFramworks custom software. 

Major Studio Final: SYNERGY

Synergy is a performance piece that sits at the intersection of design, technology, and improvisational-performance. Explorations were made using improvised dance movements, interactions with projected light, and visualizations created in the OpenFrameworks toolkit using a Kinect Sensor. Synergy was filmed in a closed-set at the Alchemical Theatre in New York City on December 5th, 2014. Synergy was enacted by the Synergy Collective, a six-person production team comprised of a creative coder/director, dancer, DJ, videographer, creative consultant, and a general alchemist. The filmed performance piece was then cut into a 2.5 minute short video and presented as the representation of the work. 

Also check out this short behind the scenes clip: