Major Studio Final: SYNERGY

Synergy is a performance piece that sits at the intersection of design, technology, and improvisational-performance. Explorations were made using improvised dance movements, interactions with projected light, and visualizations created in the OpenFrameworks toolkit using a Kinect Sensor. Synergy was filmed in a closed-set at the Alchemical Theatre in New York City on December 5th, 2014. Synergy was enacted by the Synergy Collective, a six-person production team comprised of a creative coder/director, dancer, DJ, videographer, creative consultant, and a general alchemist. The filmed performance piece was then cut into a 2.5 minute short video and presented as the representation of the work. 

Also check out this short behind the scenes clip:

Mapping & Tracking Project

This is what I would consider a failed project. We were asked to "Map, Track or Record" something for 3 days. I decided to use my Goggle search data. I downloaded my search data from Chrome's history function.

I wanted to display this data in an unusual way. I was very inspired by using physical objects to represent data. I used push-pins to chart my data usage. Unfortunately, the visual representation was not executed as well as I had hoped. Perhaps in the future, I can revisit this one!


Below is an image of my inspiration. The work of Katie Holland Lewis is genius and visually stunning. 

Project 2: Bio Gen 2.0

This is a generative art project inspired by The Living's Hy-Fi ( that showcases the power of biological algorithms. Bio Gen 2.0 is based on a very simple replication algorithm that illustrates the beauty of biology and cellular growth. Bio Gen 2.0 is ultimately part of a larger body of work that seeks to generate questions (and perhaps answers) on how we might use biology to address critical ecological issues such as climate change that plague our society today.

Major Studio 7X7

We were asked to create 7 projects in 7 days. For each project you could work on it for a maximum of 24hrs. There were no rules and no boundaries. We were asked to be as creative and crazy as possible.