Grid of Nine Refinement

I would like to research several of the most compelling practices in bio design — a design practice that incorporate living systems into the artifice. From this research I will develop a project at the intersection of computer science, material engineering, design, and ecology. 


  • A creative coding experiment to simulate and model biological system
  • A creative coding project that takes the user on a journey through space and time. Taking inspiration from the Clouds documentary, this project would be an on-line immersive experience designed for a mature audience meant to educate, but mostly inspire the user to think about her/his place in the cosmos.


  • A dynamic and interactive immersive installation. Taking inspiration from Yayoi Kusama, this project would be a mixed media large-scale installation.
  • An investigation in digital and biological fabrication at scale by researching a biological media such as fungi, silk worms, or algae. A physical installation (large-scale architectural object) of the embodiment of the system at the architectural scale using 3d printing, physical computing and large-scale machining/fabrication.

Physical Objects

  • A critical design project/design fiction art endeavor that seeks to alert users to the impact of climate change and the age of the anthropocene. The project would address the conditions in which we might live in a post-disaster world. In particular, by featuring biologically inspired/fabricated artifacts, the project might propose actionable solutions.
  • In the spirit of Buckminster Fuller, I will design and write an operating manual, a sort of manifesto. This will take both a physical and digital form. This would be a critique of living and operating in the age of the anthropocene.
  • Thinking about Sol Lewitt’s open cubes and Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome as the physical objects that synthesized their work, I would make a series of objects that embody and encapsulate the research

Domain: [computational design] [digital fabrication] [materials science] [synthetic biology]

Scale: [micro] [macro]

Free Association of Words:

Architecture. Design. Computation. Materials. Scale. Digital and Physical. micro and MACRO. Bio and Astro. Nature inspired design. 

Nature inspired algorithmic patterns:

Inspirational Ideologies:

Inspirational Projects: